CEREC® Same-Day Restorations

CEREC® Same-Day Restorations


When my front crown came off and my old dentist couldn’t see me until a week later, I couldn’t wait and called other places. Cornerstone was able to see me and re-cement the crown the very next day. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Definitely will be switching to Cornerstone now!

~ Sara Martin

Cornerstone Dental believes in using cutting edge technology as part of an advanced “tool set” to ensure you get the very best dental care. Part of that tool set is Sirona’s CEREC® unit. CEREC® stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a sophisticated system that uses 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology to assist us in designing a crown restoration. This system is able to build the actual restoration while you are still in the chair – a quick and pleasant treatment with no impression tray and no annoying temporary prostheses. Once CEREC® transforms a porcelain block into a quality, lifelike tooth restoration that is perfect for you, Dr Dowden securely bonds it in place and polishes it, making for a pleasantly smooth and natural feel.

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Compared to traditional restoration methods, CEREC® offers a host of valuable benefits:

  • A one-day process that does away with waiting on an outside lab to create the restoration
  • Permanent crowns that are sturdy, metal free, and fully-customized to you
  • No need for temporary crowns and messy impressions
  • A final result that is comfortable, beautiful and looks natural with your smile

High tech doesn’t necessarily cost more — in fact, we’ve found using CEREC® gives an excellent result and often saves the patient time and money.

As a full-service dental office, Cornerstone Dental Clinic of West Bend provides you with not only a range of general and cosmetic dental services but also a convenient location, comfortable & friendly service and in-network insurance. Please let us know how we can help by giving us a call at (262) 334-4083 or requesting an appointment.

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